K&W Engineering Solutions Awarded Designer of the Year 2017

K&W Engineering Solutions was recently selected as the Designer of the Year for 2017 by Arco Murray.

Arco Murray is one of the largest design-build contractors in the self storage industry and many other industries. To date, K&W Engineering Solutions has completed four (4) multi-story (3story + basement) self storages in New Mexico doing SMEP, one (1) multi-story self storage in Oregon doing mechanical, two (2) multi-story (3-story) self storages doing SMEP in Austin, TX, and one (1) multi-story (3-story) self storage doing SMEP in Dallas, TX. We are continuing to work on additional multi-story facilities with the Arco Murray team and we are looking forward to continue our partnership on the projects in design for 2018. K&W Engineering is quickly approaching our 5th year in business and this recognition serves as an important milestone because it is the first big award we have received for our design work. We are grateful and humbled by this recognition and we are looking forward to our continued partnership with the Arco Murray team.

If you are looking for an excellent design build company for either self storage or another industry, consider Arco Murray for your next commercial project: